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Want Quality Results On Your Commercial Or Residential Framing Project?

Overall, a framing contractor plays a crucial role in the construction of a building or structure. We are responsible for creating the foundation on which the rest of the structure will be built.

Hill-Pro Builders has been completing construction projects in the Waynesville, NC area for the last 5 years. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of framing projects. Our customers love us, and we get a lot repeat business.

  • Perfect choice for framing and carpentry projects in Waynesville, NC
  • Provides quality results, follows a detailed process, and is committed to safety standards

Hill-Pro Builders’ Qualifications

Hill-Pro Builders is a licensed and insured contractor in Waynesville, NC, and is certified to perform framing and carpentry work.

We employ experienced and knowledgeable framing specialists who are committed to delivering quality results.

Hill-Pro Builders’ Services

Hill-Pro Builders offers a variety of framing services, such as new construction framing, additions, remodels, and repairs.

We also offer carpentry services, such as trim work, siding, and deck building.

Hill-Pro Builders’ Safety Standards

Hill-Pro Builders is committed to safety and follows all safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment.

We are certified in fall protection, scaffolding, and ladder safety, and provide our employees with the necessary safety equipment.

We are licenced, bonded and insured.

What Does A Framing Contractor Do?

A framing contractor is responsible for building the structural framework of a building or other structure. This typically includes the installation of the roof, walls, floors, and other structural elements.

Some specific tasks that a framing contractor might perform include:

  1. Reviewing plans and specifications: A framing contractor will typically review the plans and specifications for a project before starting work. This will help them understand the scope of the project and ensure that they have all the necessary materials and tools.
  2. Sourcing materials: A framing contractor will need to source materials such as lumber, nails, screws, and other supplies. They may purchase these materials directly or work with a supplier to obtain them.
  3. Erecting the framework: The framing contractor will then begin building the structural framework of the building or structure. This will involve cutting and fitting the lumber, securing it in place with nails or screws, and making any necessary adjustments to ensure that the framework is square and level.
  4. Installing roofing: A framing contractor may also be responsible for installing the roofing on a building or structure. This will typically involve laying down the roof decking, installing the roof trusses, and installing the roofing material.
  5. Inspecting work: A framing contractor will periodically inspect their work to ensure that it meets all relevant codes and standards. They may also make any necessary repairs or adjustments as needed.

Hill-Pro Builders is a local construction company in Waynesville, NC that specializes in framing and carpentry for residential and commercial projects.

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